• Yes we can! Fully Managed Campaigns


    Our team of in-house designers will create a professional and unique design for your e-mail campaign. Just supply us with any assets (logos, images and content) and any “look and feel” specifications and we’ll take it from there.

    Once we’ve got your design together, we’ll send it over for your approval – following that, we’ll build it into our system, ready to send.


    Send us your list of subscribers and we’ll create a manageable list (or series of lists) so that you can monitor, measure and track the success of your e-mail campaigns.

    We can cater to both your and your customers need using unique features like A/B split testing, drip feeding and scheduled sending.


    After we’ve got everything sorted and approved by you, we can begin the mail out to your customers.

    Our design team will ensure that the e-mail appears correctly in the majority of e-mail platforms including Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 – as well as Gmail, Hotmail and mobile mail readers. We will also perform spam checking to give your e-mail the best possible chance of arriving in their Inbox rather than their Spam folder.

    Bespoke Design

  • Get a professional customised design.

    In-house design team

    CampaignPlus has the advantage of a design team with many years experience in creating digital e-mail layouts.

    With a fast turnaround and great results, you can rest assured that your campaigns will make an impression.

    Custom made to your specifications

    Our layouts are hand made from scratch and made to fit your specific design needs.

    Armed with any elements you’d like to include – namely logos, pictures and copy, we can put together a professional design that you will be proud to send to your subscribers.

    Ready to launch

    Once complete, we will produce the code for the e-mail and upload it into the CampaignPlus system. Every layout we create is tested for compatibility across a range of platforms and web-mail clients.

    Managed Campaigns Custom Template Coding

  • Custom Template Coding

    Bring your own

    If you have your own in-house creative design, our specialised team can turn it into a cleanly hand-coded HTML/CSS e-mail and have it ready for you to send – saving you time, effort and hassle.

    Tested on all platforms

    There are a multitude of e-mail clients available today on both desktop and webmail platforms, which means that getting an e-mail to correct display for everyone can be a daunting task. To remedy this, we thoroughly test each e-mail to ensure that your subscribers will receive the e-mail as you intended it to look.

    Ready to go

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    Bespoke Design Mobile Compatibility

  • Mobile compatibility

    Mobile growth stats

    Statistics show that roughly 15% of all e-mail is viewed on a smartphone – up from 4% in previous stats. This number is sure to grow in the coming years, meaning that it is vital to ensure maximum compatiblity across a range of platforms – including iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.

    Why is it important?

    Due to smartphones becoming commonplace, more e-mail than ever before is being viewed on mobile devices. If your e-mail doesn’t appear as intended on a user’s smartphone, it will likely be ignored or deleted. Therefore it is imperative to give yourself the best chance of catching your readers attention with a mobile-friendly layout.

    Dual-compatible e-mail

    Advances in CSS3 support mean that it is now possible to create e-mails that display differently according to the reader’s platform. For an example, you can now send out an e-mail that fills the width of a desktop platform mail client, while a smartphone user will see a condensed, easily perused narrow version using the same graphics and layout..

    Bespoke Design Mobile Compatibility

  • Testing features

    Platform testing

    Ensure your e-mail is able to reach the greatest amount of viewers by platform testing your campaign in our built-in testing system. We provide an inexpensive functionality where you can run a comprehensive test across across a range of platforms, including Outlook (2003, 2007 and 2010), Apple Mail, Entourage as well as webmail clients such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

    Spam Testing

    Test your e-mail for anything that may get it caught in spam filters – for example, a combination of words that has been "red flagged" will often lead to your e-mail being marked as "Junk Mail" or outright rejected by the server. Our Spam test function will scour your e-mail for anything that might set off the triggers and allow you to change it before sending.

    A/B Split Testing

    A/B Split Testing is a great way to find the most effective wording/layout for your campaign. Using two versions of your e-mail, CampaignPlus will send a small group of your subscribers one version, and another group the second version, reporting on the most effective version of the two (i.e. highest clicks/response.)

    Mobile Compatibility

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